Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SONA 2011

                The State of the Nation Address (SONA)delivered last by no other than buy his excellency president Benigno Simeon Aquino III last Monday highlighted some of the recent achievements which were carefully studied and implemented in the course odf one year since his assumption into office. The "wang-wang" or siren was a symbolic word the President used to denote the many illegal transactions done by the past administration. Many will agree that it was a simple yet clear report on the development status of the Philippines with regards to economic, health, education, human rights, environmemtal protection, judicial and military aspects of his government.

                The President gave importance in the development of strategies to supplement rice production through stipend incentives to local farmers and informal settlers in Metro Manila to augment the rice shortage. Through this program, informal settlers are advised to return to their respective provinces and are leased lands for them to plant and cultivate rice on stipend. He also applied stipends in the reforestation as well in efforts to protect and revitalize the dwindling natural resources of our country as well as long term solution to the flood problems across various areas in the country.

                The fight against corruption is on full swing with the appointment of the new Ombudsman, former justice Conchita Carpio-Morales tasked to assesss and studied various cases of corruption of the past administration and it's cohorts and bring them to justice so as to compensate for the various anomalous transactions and purchases which transpired during their terms.President Aquino also stressed that he has made it a personal campaign to fight graft and corruption and go after those responsible and bring them to court.

                During the past year, several cases of graft and corruption within different government agencies exposed many anomalous deals and transactions involving billions of pesos and as such measures were implemented to go after those responsible. He noted that those who exploited the country's treasury and their cohorts will be dealt with accordingly in full under the law.

                Public service for the good of the common public is the aim of the current administration so much so the Presdent with help from various government agencies has tasked the different agencies to conduct thorough investigation and provide necessary action to address many of the public's needs with regards to health, transportation, food security, jobs, and national safety.

                Furthermore, he informed the Filipinos of his resolution to bring the case of the Pag-asa Islands, also known as Spratyls Islands, dispute with China to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea to come with amicable terms with other claimant countries, rather than to resort to violent means of settlement.
                In light thereof, the Philippine government has purchased a ship from the US Navy, a Hamilton class cutter equipped with enough military ammunition to deter any apparent attack on Philippine waters and can stay at sea for 3o days with a minimum crew of of 150 with enough food and supplies.Likewise the President iterated the principle of "Pilipinas para sa Pilipino" in his advocacy to fight for Philippine Sovereignty and is resolved to defend it's interests against neighboring countries who threaten the country's national security ant status in the international community.

                The Philippines' credit rating has been given a positive high by international credit reviews which means that we are now more able to pay our foreign debts as a result of higher national revenues and domestic gross product per capita. This reflects a significant reduction opg the poverty line index compared to last year  of the same period. Now, more Filipinos have ready acces to adequate food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Philhealth cards are givem to families who earn less than than average to alleviate burdens arisng from hospitalization and medicines.

                All these can further be supplemented and implemented efficiently and effectively through the use of information technology in ensuring a tight-knit communication portal by utilising existing technologies such as 3G and broadband connectivity with assistance from the Department of Science and Tecnology under the stewardship of Mario Montejo. These technologies can be further enhanced through comprehensive programs and assistance to provide quality education and modern teaching
methods and and approaches for effective leartning experience for many of our information technology-inclined academe. Computer Science as a course can be utilised in the realisation and recognition of these goals in providing long term solutions to information and computer technology related problems so as to provide a seamless link to technology and nation building towars ultimate progress and the Philippines global  economical recognition.

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