Thursday, February 9, 2012

Even when i was young, I had an admiration for boys far fairer looking than me not knowing that this was just the primary stages of my bisexual nature. Though of course I was not at all aware of it. Not until during my childhood development around age six when my peers my age started calling me silly gay names. I didn't mind at all, and didn't bother as well to ask them why they called of such. I was at ease in the company of boys and girls. Normal. Even when I when I was a freshman I had no inhibitions about my sexuality not until some of my classmates approached me and told me I had a gay or bisexual tendency manifested by my actions and how my body movements exclaimed my true colors. Even through graduation I had on real affection for guys my age, till one day I just realized I was attracted to my bestfriend. It was a queer feeling.

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